New iPhone 11 2019 release date, price & Full specs

Price of the new iPhone 2019: from £ 999 / $ 999
How much is the new iPhone likely to cost? Our best guess is that it will cost the same price as the XS generation. Here are the current prices for iPhone XS, as of May 2019:

iPhone XS (64GB): £ 999 / $ 999
iPhone XS (256 GB): £ 1,149 / $ 1,149
iPhone XS (512 GB): £ 1,349 / $ 1,349
After the sharp price increases of the last two years, we hope that Apple will try to stabilize this time and propose the iPhone 2019 at a similar starting price.

But we will add that society is more likely to achieve this goal in the United States than in the United Kingdom; Great Britain must leave the European Union in 2019 (even if the exact date is a mystery …), and political uncertainty could lead to a loss of confidence in the pound sterling, leading to higher prices for customers British purchasing imported products.

Design changes: what will the new iPhone look like?
In this section, we look at some of the new changes to iPhone design for reasons of utility, protection, and aesthetic beauty.

Triple lens camera

Dual-lens rear cameras seem more and more out of date. By the end of 2019, most new Android phones are expected to have three lenses in the back. A rumor spread that Apple is intensifying its game in this area.

The oldest image of this was published by the prolific Founder OnLeaks and shows the three lenses and the flash arranged in an irregular square. However, he stressed in a later tweet that it was “an untimely leak [sic] and that, therefore, things could change until its official launch”. He further added, when comments expressed his dislike of design, that he “will look much smaller” in real life.

In our leaky photos section, we look at the triple camera images of the new iPhone in a square design, as well as in the horizontal design that some find more plausible.

This rendering of January 2019, based on the information disclosed by Steve Hemmerstoffer and published by Compareraja, places the triple rear camera in the center of the chassis, which is a major change from all previous iPhone models (although many Android phones look like this).

“The camera unit is composed of three sensors + a bright circle around the lens of the central camera + a microphone located under the central camera”, explains the site.

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