New iPhone 11 2019 release date, price & Full specs

Release date of the new iPhone: September 2019
Will Apple come out with a new phone in 2019? Of course it is! In fact, we expect the announcement of three new iPhones (with three different screen sizes) in September 2019. The release date will be a few weeks later.

Apple is used to iPhone launches and has been releasing new handsets every fall for eight years. (The only exception was the iPhone SE in the spring of 2016. We may see an iPhone SE 2 in the spring of 2020, although we are not convinced.)

We did not expect any news from the iPhone at WWDC 2019 on June 3rd, although the iPhone 3G and 3GS were unveiled at WWDC events, and there was of course talk of a new Mac Pro and operating system updates. Apple has not talked about phones in summer since 2009.

What will be called the new iPhone?

The new iPhone will probably be called the iPhone 11. At least, this is the name that is starting to be fashionable for the device on the Internet.

However, Apple could choose among other options, including the iPhone XI – namely 11 in Roman numerals after the iPhone X. Consumers got used to X and XS models, which would be a good reason to do so, but not as easy to say aloud as the number 11.

This is Apple, so we must also keep in mind that a curved ball is always possible. Like previous iPad models, we could get a 2019 model simply called iPhone or New iPhone. Let’s hope not.

Price: how much will the iPhone 11 cost?

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